Hilda van der Meulen

Life is creation - create your own masterpiece


Hilda van der Meulen


Growing up as a down to earth girl in Friesland, a beautiful farm country in the north of the Netherlands. Her first experience as an entrepreneur was as an equestrian on National level riding, training and trading horses. As a lark, she entered and unexpectedly won the Miss Holland Beauty Pageant and represented the Netherlands in the Miss World pageant in Sun City, South Africa.

After her Miss Holland obligations a whole new world had been opened up. Demand for her services as a model and later an actress and presenter took her to London, Paris, Monaco and Los Angeles, where she lived for years. Her skills as an entrepreneur came soon to light. She had a knack for creating projects, financing and executive producing. This “Hollywood” experience transpired into connections to quality Hollywood producers, distributors, international investors, bankers and took her back and forth from Europe and the USA.

Almost two decades of international business experience, financial adroitness, versatility and driven by a clean purpose, that brings extensive creative outlook and international expansion to projects and businesses. 

When becoming a mother in 2013 she took a few years off. She decided to contribute her experiences, and expertises only to purpose driven projects and businesses with vast cultural and sustainable impact.